Shelter Harbor

When Tiny referred me to you I had no idea what a wonderful relationship we would have. You have been so professional and not wasted a minute of our time.  First the house we bid on the same day we saw it.  Then we passed when they would not come down in price.  Then we thought of a lot – which we lost no time in getting (thanks to you!)  So then you rented us an apartment for the while we build time. Then we changed our minds, and with one phone call – the same day – you showed us 4 houses.  Then you managed the rental so we even got our deposit back! Of the 4 houses we picked one and we are SO HAPPY! You are the best! Our time in Westerly was always a premium and you accommodated our travel schedule and go us the best home! If we need more real estate – we know who to call! Thank you for being there! Carlos and I are so happy! Thank you!!”